Dog friendly holiday cottages in Whitby

Shoreline can offer you a wide range of dog-friendly holiday cottages in Whitby.

We appreciate that every year, dog owners are faced with several potential problems when it comes to choosing a holiday destination. First of all the decision has to be made as to whether to leave the dog at a friends or kennels or to bring them along on the holiday. This instantly starts to have a bearing on your given destination as taking a dog abroad can lead to expensive veterinary bills or having to apply for pet passports. We also appreciate that some dogs don’t take well to being in kennels, again making leaving them difficult. Once a given holiday location is selected, issues can arise with some hotels and self-catering apartments refusing to allow guests to bring dogs, due to either possible disruption to other guests or the possibility of property damage. At Shoreline however, we try our best to make your short breaks as enjoyable as possible and we know that bringing your dog with you can make the holiday that extra special.

Dog friendly cottages

Unlike hotels, where barking dogs can cause other guests to feel uncomfortable, holiday cottages offer you the privacy to enjoy your holiday in a series of great town locations. You may also find your hotel room is on a top floor, meaning that taking your dog for an early walk would be inconvenient. Our cottages are available in a range of sizes and some of our cottages even have a small yard or garden area where our dog can stretch their legs. When choosing your Shoreline holiday cottage, look for the dog friendly logo located in the key. The key shows each cottage’s facilities and is located underneath our cottage descriptions. Each of our cottages are cleaned to the highest standards, so be assured that you’ll feel like the first family to bring a pet.

Sharing Whitby with your dogs

Choosing Whitby has many other benefits in addition to the great holiday cottages.  Whitby has long welcomed dog owners and there is a huge selection of coastal walks suitable for you and man’s best friend. Many of the cafes and bars are dog friendly and provide water bowls.

Next time you’re planning a holiday, why not come to Whitby and enjoy spending time with all your family. For more information please call Shoreline on 01904 607087 or email