Doing our bit for the environment

Doing our bit for the environment.

Over the last few years Shoreline have been working on reducing our impact on the environment, aiming to lower our carbon footprint and making changes to our work practices and our thinking on ‘green’ matters.

The majority of our cottages now have showers to reduce water wastage, good insulation to reduce heat loss and as windows are changed, we are installing double glazing to conserve energy.

We have also carefully chosen the products used by our team for the cleaning of our properties, which are environmentally friendly and switched from sachets of soaps to soap dispensers to cut down on substantial waste. Energy saving lightbulbs are used and wherever possible we have introduced re-cycling bins at our properties.  Although these measures seem relatively small, we are making carefully considered choices on a daily basis in our offices too. We no longer produce brochures and use very little paper. Gone are the days of standing at the photocopier!! If you have made a booking with us, you will also have noticed that all documents and correspondence are transmitted electronically, no need for paper waste for either us or our guests.

Our full Environmental Policy can be found on our website here

Our latest ‘green’ addition is an eBike to be used by our Manager Billy. As you probably know, Whitby can be a very busy place, especially during the Summer months, and there is very often quite a traffic build-up around the town. Not only will Billy be doing his bit for the environment, but he will also find it easier and quicker to get around town. Of course, he can’t deal with everything on his bike, and he will still have to use the van for picking up and dropping off laundry etc. but essentially, he will be cutting down on emissions and getting fitter!

Billy's ebike