Environmental Policy

Shoreline Cottages Limited, as with any responsible business, is committed to helping with the environment. As part of our policy, we have introduced the following measures:

1. All our heating systems are turned to a minimum or off when guests are not present in the properties. We have established heating levels to minimise gas consumption.

2. In the majority of our cottages, water is heated using a combination boiler and therefore only as used. This unfortunately in some cases slows the flow of hot water.

3. In almost all properties, we now have shower facilities to reduce the amount of water used.

4. Wherever possible, our properties have been fully insulated to preserve heat.

5. As windows are changed and subject only to planning permission restraints, we are installing double glazing to conserve energy.

6. All cleaning products used by our team are environmentally friendly.

7. We have switched from sachets of soaps to soap dispensers to cut down on substantial waste.

8. Wherever possible, we have introduced re-cycling bins.

9. All packaging used by the business is re-cycled.

10. We utilise recycled paper and re-filled ink jet cartridges in our offices.

11. We have a policy of not printing documents that are transmitted electronically unless absolutely necessary.

12. Since 2009 we no longer print a brochure but rely solely upon the internet.

13. We have altered our Arrivals Policy to much reduce the amount of diesel consumed by our vehicles.

14. Our electricity is supplied by British Gas and is backed by a Zero Carbon Certificate