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Why choose a cottage over an apartment?

Choosing between a cottage and an apartment for your holiday in Whitby depends on your personal preferences, needs, and the type of experience you are looking for. Here are some reasons why you might choose a cottage over an apartment:

  1. Authentic Experience
  • Character and Charm: Many cottages in Whitby have a unique, historic charm with features like exposed beams, stone fireplaces, and wood panelling, providing a more authentic and traditional feel.
  • Historical Significance: Staying in a cottage can give you a sense of the area’s history and culture, enhancing your overall experience.
  1. Privacy and Seclusion
  • Semi-detached or Terraced: Cottages are often more private than apartments, as they are usually semi-detached or terraced, but with nobody above or below you, offering you a quieter space.
  • Private Gardens and Outdoor Spaces: Many cottages come with private gardens or outdoor areas, perfect for relaxing, dining, or letting children play.
  1. Spaciousness
  • More Space: Cottages typically offer more space compared to apartments, with separate living areas, multiple bedrooms, and often larger kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Ideal for Families and Groups: If you’re traveling with family or a larger group, the additional space can make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.
  1. Pet-Friendly Options
  • Accommodating Pets: Many cottages are pet-friendly and come with enclosed gardens or outdoor areas where pets can roam safely, making it easier to bring your furry friends along.
  1. Rural and Scenic Locations
  • Countryside Charm: Cottages are often located in more rural or scenic areas, providing beautiful views, tranquillity, and easy access to nature walks and outdoor activities.
  • Proximity to Nature: You might find cottages situated near the coast, in the countryside, or on the outskirts of Whitby, offering a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre.
  1. Home-like Comfort
  • Cozy Atmosphere: Cottages often have a warm, home-like atmosphere, making them perfect for cozy, relaxing stays, especially during colder months.
  • Fully Equipped: Many cottages are well-equipped with amenities like full kitchens, fireplaces, and sometimes even features like hot tubs or BBQs.
  1. Personal Touch
  • Individual Style: Cottages often have unique, personalized decor and touches that make them feel more like a home rather than a generic rental.
  1. Romantic Getaways
  • Intimate Settings: Cottages can provide a more intimate and romantic setting, with features like wood-burning stoves, private gardens, and cozy interiors, perfect for couples.
  1. Unique Experiences
  • Memorable Stay: The unique characteristics and charm of a cottage can make your holiday more memorable compared to a stay in a standard apartment.

While both cottages and apartments have their own advantages, choosing a cottage in Whitby can offer a more authentic, spacious, and personalized holiday experience, particularly for those seeking privacy, comfort, and a touch of local charm.


Whitby holiday cottages, cottage in Whitby, holiday rental Whitby
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