Whitby Holiday Apartments – Styles of Property in and around Whitby

As we have already given you a run-down of the types of Holiday Cottages Whitby has to offer in a previous Blog, it’s now time to tell you about the types of Holiday Apartments there are to choose from:


  1. Harbour-view Apartments:
    • Location: Overlooking Whitby’s harbour and marina.
    • Features: Scenic views of the harbour or Marina, often with balconies or large windows to enjoy the views and the activity on the water.
    • Appeal: Ideal for those who love being close to the water and enjoy watching the boats.
  2. Historic Apartments:
    • Location: Central Whitby, particularly in the old town.
    • Features: Located in historic buildings with features like exposed beams, original fireplaces, and period decor.
    • Appeal: Perfect for history lovers and those who appreciate charming, characterful accommodations.
  3. Seaside Apartments:
    • Location: Near Whitby’s beaches, such as West Cliff or Sandsend.
    • Features: Proximity to the beach, often with sea views and easy access to coastal paths.
    • Appeal: Great for beach lovers and families looking to spend time by the sea.
  4. Luxury Apartments:
    • Location: Various locations, including central Whitby and more secluded spots.
    • Features: High-end amenities such as modern kitchens, designer furnishings, and sometimes additional perks such as amazing views.
    • Appeal: For those seeking a more upscale and comfortable holiday experience.
  5. Pet-friendly Apartments:
    • Location: Various, often with nearby walking trails and open spaces.
    • Features: Pet-friendly amenities such as secure outdoor areas, nearby dog-friendly beaches and parks.
    • Appeal: Perfect for guests who want to bring their pets along on holiday.
  6. Family-friendly Apartments:
    • Location: Various, including central and outskirts of Whitby.
    • Features: Spacious accommodations with multiple bedrooms, child-friendly amenities, and often close to family attractions.
    • Appeal: Designed for families with children, offering convenience and safety.
  7. Riverside Apartments:
    • Location: Along the River Esk.
    • Features: Scenic views of the river, with easy access to riverside walks and fishing spots. Often have private parking right outside!
    • Appeal: Ideal for those who enjoy a tranquil setting with the sound of flowing water. You can also watch the stream trains coming and going at the other side of the river!
  8. Central Apartments:
    • Location: In the heart of Whitby, close to shops, restaurants, and attractions.
    • Features: Convenient location, modern interiors, and easy access to amenities.
    • Appeal: Great for those who want to be in the midst of the town’s activities and attractions.
  9. Romantic Apartments:
    • Location: Scenic and secluded spots in and around Whitby.
    • Features: Cozy, intimate settings with features like luxurious bedding, fireplaces, and sometimes private balconies.
    • Appeal: Perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway.
  10. Modern Apartments:
    • Location: Newer developments in Whitby.
    • Features: Contemporary design, state-of-the-art appliances, and modern decor. Often have lift access if above ground floor.
    • Appeal: Suitable for those who prefer modern aesthetics and conveniences.


Do you choose Contemporary or Historic?


Maybe little quaint cottages aren’t your ‘thing’? Perhaps you would rather spend your holiday in Whitby in a more contemporary apartment, with the added benefit of private parking or the convenience of having everything all on one level for those with mobility issues; some of our apartments do have lifts if they are above ground floor level. You can find our range of Apartments with their varying styles and locations on our website. Don’t forget that we have an easy to use Filter to the left of the screen which will help you choose the best Apartment to suit your needs and requirements. If you’re still not sure or have questions please just get in touch.  Call us on 01947 668888, drop us an email at enq@shoreline-cottages.com or you could speak to us via our LiveChat on the website.