Whitby Beach Huts

Whitby beach huts

A brief history of the seaside Beach Hut

Back in the nineteenth century a trip to the seaside and a dip in the sea was an exciting prospect. In order to keep your modesty, a bathing machine was used. These vehicles looked like beach huts on wheels and could be hired out for short periods. They would get in at the top of the beach, change into their bathing suits then the ‘huts’ would be pulled down to the sea by horse. Once in the water you would step straight into the sea for your swim.

In Edwardian times the ‘Beach Hut’, more as we know it, began to slowly appear along the beaches of the UK. After WW2 the holidaymakers started to return to the beaches in search of relaxation and fresh sea air and by the 1950’s the Beach Hut was well and truly back in fashion.

Whitby’s Beach Huts

The colourful beach huts along Whitby’s West beach are a firm favourite for holidaymakers and photographers alike. The huts offer shelter from wind or sun and are ideal for changing into your swim wear, preparing your picnic lunch and of course a safe place to keep your belongings whilst enjoying a swim or sunbathing.
The beach huts can be hired on either a daily or weekly basis and of course as you can imagine, they are very popular so must be booked in advance.

Daily and weekly charges
Length of hire Off peak dates Price Peak dates Price
Daily 29 April to 16 June 2023
2 to 30 September 2023
£19 17 June to
1 September 2023
Weekly 29 April to 16 June 2023
2 to 30 September 2023
£50 17 June to
1 September 2023
    Annual and winter charges
Length of hire Dates Price
Annual 10 April 2023 to 31 March 2024 £1580 (for named chalets)
Seasonal 29 April to 30 September 2023 £735


Please note that Shoreline Cottages  DO NOT let the beach huts.  For full information and booking please go to the North Yorkshire Council Website Here.