Fortune's Smokehouse and Kippers, Whitby

The history of Fortune’s smokehouse and kippers

Whitby is known for its excellent fish and chips, but have you tried the kippers from Fortune’s historic smokehouse?

The smokehouse and shop have been nestled under the cliff on the pretty cobbled Henrietta Street since 1872 when it was founded by William Fortune.

The business has been passed down through the generations and is presently run by the fifth generation of the Fortune family who still use the same traditional methods to produce the famous Whitby kippers.

Fortune's Kipper, Henrietta Street, Whitby

A kipper is not actually the name of the fish. Herrings are split from head to tail, then soaked in brine before they are hung on rods to be smoked using a mixture of oak, beech and softwood. At this end stage they are now termed as kippers. No other ingredient is added, their distinct colour and flavour comes purely from the smoking process.

As well as smoking herrings, the Fortune family also smoke haddock, salmon and bacon, all of which can be bought in the small shop attached to the smokehouse.

Fortune’s Kippers have won many awards, been recommended by top chefs and also been enjoyed by members of our Royal Family. What a perfect way to start the day. A gentle stroll down Henrietta Street to buy your kippers or bacon then take them back to your cottage to cook a breakfast fit for Royalty.

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Fortune's Kipper, Henrietta Street, Whitby