How do we pay for our holiday?

If you are booking a property less than 8 weeks before your holiday start date, we will require the full balance of your holiday to be paid when your booking is processed.

If you are booking a property more than 8 weeks before your holiday start date, we will require a 50% deposit when your booking is processed and the remaining 50% is payable 8 weeks prior to your holiday start date.

Do we get a reminder to pay our balance?

We will send you a reminder email or letter approximately seven days before your balance is due.  In the event of a late payment of your balance, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, in which case our standard cancellation policy will apply (please see our Terms and Conditions for details).

How do I get to Whitby?

Whitby is very easy to get to and you’ll see some stunning scenery along the way! For simple directions on how to get to Whitby, please click on the following page:

Travelling to Whitby – how to get here


How do we get to the property?

We will email or post you directions explaining how to get to the property (including a post code for your sat nav and what3words coordinates) and how to gain access using the key safe.

Will we be able to park our car?

The ‘facilities’ section of the property description indicates whether parking is available at your chosen property.

There are large car parks on the West Cliff and Abbey Headland as well as in the town itself but parking in Whitby can be difficult, especially in peak periods and in some cases the nearest public car park may be a 15 minute walk away. You can pre-purchase long stay tickets and scratch cards from the tourist office but must do so at least two weeks before your holiday if you want them posting to you. Please call Whitby Tourist Information on 01723 383636 for further information.

How do I use my parking scratch card?

Yellow four day holiday accommodation parking scratch cards

These pre-paid parking permits allow guests visiting the area and staying in accommodation outside of the town centre to park in the disc zone bays, within the same zone as their accommodation, with correctly validated scratch card for 4 days. Please note that these cards do not guarentee you a parking place.

Additional permits are available from the Tourist Information Centre and can be purchased in advance or on arrival. The 2-7 day long-stay car park permit costs £7 per day and is valid in all long-stay car parks borough wide.

How to validate your scratch card

• Scratch off the panels to indicate the day, month and year of arrival. Also complete the registration number on the front of the scratch card and the name of the holiday accommodation being visited. (we usually complete this for you, quoting Shoreline Cottages)

• Only the date of arrival should be scratched off the permit. If the permit is to be used over 4 days, the Civil Enforcement Officer will see it is still valid when the arrival date is scratched off.

• If more than one date is scratched off the permit, it becomes invalid and the vehicle is liable to being issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

• The scratch card must be clearly displayed in a prominent position so that all sections are visible to a Civil Enforcement Officer.

• Scratch cards are only valid when used by persons visiting the holiday accommodation; they are not valid for staff parking.

• Scratch cards are not valid for any of the council’s off street pay and display car parks, marked disabled bays or loading bays. The scratch card is only valid in the zone indicated on the front of the permit.

Zone W parking
Scratch cards give you 4 days free parking in Whitby’s orange and blue zones where a ‘W’ appears on the disc zone sign. These are the 3 hour disc bays (you are allowed up to 4 days, not just 3 hours) and permit holder only streets.

For those staying in cottages on Henrietta Street and Church Street, the nearest zones are Newton Street, Back St. Hilda’s Terrace and Well Close Square, although any of the specified zones can be used.

Can we access our property to unload our car before parking?

Many of our properties are accessible by car so you are able to drive up to the property and quickly drop off luggage before parking.

What time can we arrive and what time do we need to leave?

Check-in time is 5pm and we ask that you leave your holiday home no later than 10am on the day of your departure as our cleaners will arrive promptly to prepare for our next guests.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, additional hygiene measures will be undertaken by our housekeeping team. You may therefore have a delayed arrival time if our cleaning staff require more time to complete their work before your arrival. Please be patient with us – we want to keep everyone safe while still providing the best service we can.

What items are provided in the holiday cottage?

Some basic items will be available in the property when you arrive. These include a small supply of tea bags, sachets of coffee and sugar, and small pots of long life milk. There will also be washing-up liquid, tea towels/dish cloths, detergents for the washing machine and dishwasher (if installed), kitchen roll, refuse bags and at least one toilet roll per toilet in the property.

PLEASE READ: Coronavirus (COVID-19) update July 2020

The safety of our guests and our staff is hugely important to us. We’ve always had very high standards at Shoreline but until Covid-19 is considered to be of minimal threat by the Government and a normal life resumes, we are implementing some changes that will further reduce risk and allow you to enjoy your holiday with peace of mind. This policy has been agreed by our Health & Safety consultants using the Government guidelines and guidance from various industry bodies.

Unlike many of our competitors, we not only market our owners’ properties but we also deal with all the day to day management of them. This includes all the cleaning and laundry which in turn means we are in complete control of what cleaning products and equipment are used. What’s more, our housekeeping team are fully trained and have set the bar high to deliver exceptional standards of cleanliness at each and every one of our holiday cottages.

What will change?

Additional hygiene measures will be undertaken by our housekeeping team. You may therefore have a delayed arrival time if our cleaning staff require more time to complete their work before your arrival. Please be patient with us – we want to keep everyone safe while still providing the best service we can.

At each changeover all hard surfaces such as light switches, door handles and electric sockets will be disinfected.

Remote controls will also be disinfected and placed in a sealed plastic bag ready for your use.

All kitchen cloths provided will be brand new.

All crockery, cutlery and cookware will be fully checked for cleanliness and re-washed if necessary.

As standard, all bathrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected but particular attention will be taken to items such as toothbrush holders.

Vacuum cleaner bags will be changed regularly.

Spray mops will replace all standard mops and the microfibre mop heads will be laundered after every clean.

All key safes and keys will be sanitised before every arrival.

All protective equipment will be disposed of in the property and never used twice.

We will be removing certain items from all of our holiday homes. Items include:

Kitchen condiments such as salt, pepper, vinegar, tea, coffee, sugar and milk.

We will no longer provide pump action hand wash. Instead, a large bottle of sanitiser, a sealed bar of soap and a pack of anti-bacterial wipes will be placed in the kitchen of each property.

All part-used toilet roll and kitchen roll will be removed after every holiday departure.

Bed throws, spare blankets and some decorative soft furnishings will be removed from our properties.

Our Housekeeping Manager will thoroughly check every property for compliance with all of the above prior to your arrival.

To view a copy of our Covid-19 Risk Assessment, please click here: General Coronavirus Risk Assessment

What does each property contain?

Each of our properties have the following as standard: central or storage heating, TV, DVD, music system, radio, vacuum cleaner, ironing board and iron, hairdryer, microwave, oven and hob, electric kettle and toaster, blender and a refrigerator.

The majority of our properties have a dishwasher, washer/dryer and some also have a freezer.

Do we have to bring our own bed linen and towels?

No, all bed linen and towels are provided.  However, towels must not be removed from the property so you will need to bring your own beach towels.

Can we take our pet with us?

It is indicated in the ‘facilities’ section of the property description if pets are accepted and the maximum number allowed. Pets are only accepted on the understanding that they are kept under control, that they are not allowed in bedrooms or on furniture and that they are never left in the property unattended.  Please note that, even if a property has a garden, it does not necessarily mean that it will be totally escape-proof if you leave your pet in the garden unattended.  It is also worthwhile mentioning that many beaches now ban all dogs (apart from guide dogs) during the summer months. We must be made aware of all pets accompanying you. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone arriving with more pets than booked and paid for.

Are Z-beds available?

We charge an additional £40 for a z-bed (with linen). Please check the ‘facilities’ section of the property description to ensure there is room for a z-bed in your chosen property.

Are travel cots and high chairs available?

Please check the ‘facilities’ section of the property description to ensure there is room for a cot bed and / or high chair at your chosen property. High chairs are available free of charge but we do charge £15 for a cot bed. Please note, we are happy to place the cot bed in the room of your choice and we will provide linen for it but we will not assemble it.

Do we have to pay extra for heating and electricity?

No, all utilities are included. If you have booked a property with a wood burning stove, we will provide you with a bag of logs. If you require more logs, you are welcome to purchase them from us for £25 per bag.

Do you provide logs for cottages with open fires or log burning stoves?

Yes, we will provide enough logs, sticks and firelighters for one night. If you require more, you are most welcome to buy them yourself or we can deliver you some for an additional fee. Please call our local operations team for a price.

Do the properties have telephones?

No, none of our properties have telephones and you should be aware that, depending on your mobile phone network, signal strength in Whitby can be a bit patchy.

Can we smoke in the properties?

All of our properties are strictly non smoking.

Do we need to clean the property on departure?

We ask all guests to leave the property as clean and tidy as possible on departure.  Failure to do so may make it difficult for us to have the property thoroughly cleaned in preparation for our next guests. In cases where the property is left with for example, unwashed pots and pans, we will levy an additional charge as shown in our contract.

PLEASE READ: Coronavirus (COVID-19) update July 2020

We are asking our guests if they could kindly strip all used beds of their bed linen on the day of their departure and place the used linen and towels in the sacks provided. Thank you for your assistance.

What if I leave something behind and need it returned?

We make a minimum charge of £15.00 to cover postage, packing and time for posting back any items left in the property. The amount charged will depend on current postal rates and the weight/style of the item to be returned.

Can we change the details of our holiday after we have booked it?

Yes, you are most welcome to make small amendments such as adding a pet, adding a z-bed or changing the number of guests to your booking without incurring an additional charge. Amending your holiday dates will only be possible over 8 weeks prior to your arrival date and will incur a £100 administrative fee. It is not normally possible to change property. We must point out that the maximum number of people staying in the property must never exceed the maximum number that the property is advertised as accommodating (including cots and Z-beds).

Can we cancel our holiday after we have booked it?

Yes but there may be substantial charges to do so. In the first instance, please contact us to inform us of this decision. The process would be that we would cancel your holiday and immediately commence remarketing it. The amount of time between the date you cancel and your holiday start date and also the time of year of the holiday will both affect our ability to do so. If we cannot re-sell it, you will be able to reinstate the holiday and use it yourself or for a friends or family. If we do sell the holiday, the following amounts will be deducted from any payments you have made to us: booking fee, any discount we had to offer to re-sell the holiday and an administration fee which can be found in our terms and conditions. Finally, if you have a balance to pay during this period, this must still be made because until the holiday is re-sold, it remains your responsibility.

What are the guidelines on hot tubs?

A few of our properties contain hot tubs. While these are great fun, they must be used with caution to avoid injury or illness and special rules apply. These safety guidelines must be strictly followed and any use of a hot tub is entirely at the risk of the customer. We recommend you seek a doctor’s opinion if you have any known health problems and advise strongly that young children do not use this facility at all.

Is Whitby suited to those with a disability?

You should be aware that Whitby has many steep hills and cobbled streets and many of our properties have steep staircases and, in some cases, low beams. For people who find walking or steps difficult, we recommend that you call us to discuss your specific requirements before making a booking. We know our properties well and have stayed in many of them ourselves, so we can give you an honest opinion on suitability. We also provide an Disability Statement for each property that you may find helpful.

Things to consider when booking an old property

Many of our properties are old houses and fishermen’s cottages.  Disadvantages of such properties can be the occasional spider web, some signs of damp if the weather is very wet and sea and sand stained windows. But on the flip side, these houses are often in a prime location and have some great history behind them as well as an abundance of features.