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Staycations – a great alternative to going abroad

With the cost of overseas holidays steadily continuing to climb, British holiday makers are looking for other options.

Staycations are a great alternative to going abroad

Every year thousands of people leave the United Kingdom to go to various holiday destinations all over the world. Many parts of Spain and France are popular, with the draw of hot weather, not to mention the more adventurous travellers who look to Thailand or Vietnam. There is a common problem facing many people though and that is the expense of holidaying abroad. No matter where you look to go abroad the costs soon start to rack up, especially when you take into account ferry prices or flights, food and accommodation and the activities you plan to get involved with. Even the popular last minute deals are looking less than attractive these days. You could of course argue that the costs are justified, however with the economy in a seemingly perpetual downturn it can be a difficult decision to make. Many families with children also find that the cost can soon add up and have to be careful with their budgets, rightly putting the family’s financial security first.

Are staycations the new vacation?

There are viable alternatives to going overseas though and there might be more benefits to be found than you might at first think. The UK has some fantastic coastal towns and in particular Whitby continues to provide a draw to both families and couples alike. Although hotels and B&B’s can be booked it’s holiday cottages that are becoming the popular most choice. Whitby has in fact long been a popular choice for holidaymakers due to its picturesque scenery, long golden sandy beaches, abundance of family activities and a vibrant nightlife. Staying in a Whitby holiday cottage provides you with luxury surroundings including plush soft furnishings, comfy beds and in most cases local parking facilities. With historic sites to see, not to mention the amusement arcades and Dracula experience, the whole family will remain entertained.

The financial benefits

In addition to the wonderful atmosphere that Whitby cottages short breaks provide there is the obvious financial saving. Firstly travel expense can be greatly reduced and Whitby is accessible by train should you be coming from a great distance or car should you prefer, with parking facilities available. You don’t have to eat at expensive restaurants either (although local fish and chips are a must!) and holiday cottages in Whitby have good cooking facilities. Another aspect often overlooked is that if you have a family pet many of the cottages allow dogs, so you can even cancel out kennel prices.

Whitby cottages short breaks are a great way to enjoy a relaxing holiday away from the normal day to day routine and in a new exciting coastal environment you can still have a holiday every bit as enjoyable.

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