Whitby parking scratch cards

Yellow four day holiday accommodation parking scratch cards

These pre-paid parking permits allow guests visiting the area and staying in accommodation outside of the town centre to park in the disc zone bays, within the same zone as their accommodation, with correctly validated scratch card for 4 days. Please note that these cards do not guarantee you a parking place.

Additional permits are available from the Tourist Information Centre and can be purchased in advance or on arrival. The 2-7 day long-stay car park permit costs £7 per day and is valid in all long-stay car parks borough wide.

How to validate your scratch card

• Scratch off the panels to indicate the day, month and year of arrival. Also complete the registration number on the front of the scratch card and the name of the holiday accommodation being visited (we usually complete this for you, quoting Shoreline Cottages)

• Only the date of arrival should be scratched off the permit. If the permit is to be used over 4 days, the Civil Enforcement Officer will see it is still valid when the arrival date is scratched off.

• If more than one date is scratched off the permit, it becomes invalid and the vehicle is liable to being issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

• The scratch card must be clearly displayed in a prominent position so that all sections are visible to a Civil Enforcement Officer.

• Scratch cards are only valid when used by persons visiting the holiday accommodation; they are not valid for staff parking.

• Scratch cards are not valid for any of the council’s off street pay and display car parks, marked disabled bays or loading bays. The scratch card is only valid in the zone indicated on the front of the permit.

Here is an example. This scratch card is for 4 days commencing 01 January 2019….

Parking scratch card

Zone W parking
Scratch cards give you 4 days free parking in Whitby’s orange and blue zones where a ‘W’ appears on the disc zone sign. These are the 3 hour disc bays (you are allowed up to 4 days, not just 3 hours) and permit holder only streets.

For those staying in cottages on Henrietta Street and Church Street, the nearest zones are Newton Street, Back St. Hilda’s Terrace and Well Close Square, although any of the specified zones can be used.