Cook's Cottage Whitby - Exterior of Grade 2 Listed Cook's Cottage

Family breaks in Whitby

When booking your next family break why not look a little closer to home and consider Whitby?

Many people find that when it comes to choosing a family holiday destination the sheer wealth of choices can make the process overly complicated.  Firstly there are the children’s ages to take into consideration and how they’d find the traveling.  Flying aboard can be particularly distressing for family members who don’t like to fly and some people find that the ferry alternatives can make them feel seasick.

Some families choose to drive abroad in conjunction with the Eurostar, although many who have driven through France with children arguing in the back of the car will agree, this then becomes a less than ideal situation.

However, once you’ve found a happy compromise and you’ve taken the travel into account there are other areas to consider.

Weather Conditions and Accommodation 

The weather plays a huge part in all holidays and different families have varied requirements. Hot holidays are fine for younger family members or those wanting to simply relax on a beach, however some people find the heat uncomfortable and want to do more than sit by a pool. In contrast cold weather has limits as well, and can mean people getting bored of being inside or constantly wrapped up in warm clothing.

Choosing the right accommodation is perhaps the most important element to consider. The stress of travel can soon disappear as long as the right venue is chosen. Again many family members requirements are different.

Many older family members prefer the ease of a hotel and enjoy the complimentary towels and being looked after, younger family members, however, might want the freedom of self-catering, so finding a trade-off of destination, accommodation, and travel sounds like a near-impossible task.  The good news then is that a Shoreline holiday cottage could be the ideal short break solution – there’s even cottages that are perfect for those with children too.

Firstly the town of Whitby is accessible by both rail networks and car and by choosing not to travel abroad instantly alleviates much of the travel-related stress and tension. In addition to this the weather in the UK is seasonal so as opposed to selecting a venue based on typical geographic weather, why not choose it based on seasonal weather.

Whitby in the summer time means you can enjoy paddling in the sea, playing on the golden sandy beaches or relaxing in one of the harbour side bars of cafes.

In the winter why not wrap up warm and explore the town, taking in the spooky abbey at night or going on a guided ghost tour.

Finally then, accommodation is taken care of by selecting from the Shoreline range of holiday cottages. Older family members can choose from cottages with bedrooms on the ground floor to avoid stairs, younger children can take the rooms at the top of the cottages (but not too far away to be checked on) and some of the cottages are pet and dog friendly meaning that your pets won’t require kennels.

For more information on booking your next short break at a Whitby cottage please contact Shoreline on 01947 668888 or email