A comfortable weekend hideaway

Publication: Sunday Times

Captain’s Quarters, Whitby, North Yorkshire

WITH its commanding view of the harbour, it’s no surprise that this three-level, four-bedroom spread once found favour among salty sea dogs who would keep a keen eye on seafront comings and goings from the living room window.

Built in 1760, the skipper’s old place is neatly tucked away on an elegant stretch of Henrietta Street. Its gleaming cobblestones are immaculate, as though buffed to perfection by a dedicated team of elves every night. Hard to believe that this was once Whitby’s red light district.

But while the setting may be old, the interior is certainly not. Modern luxuries including a widescreen TV, dishwasher, microwave and washing machine, make the cottage, which sleeps eight, a comfortable weekend hideaway.

Just outside the front door are the 199 steps leading to the clifftop 7th-century abbey and Church of St Mary. This makes for a fun stroll at midnight, wandering among the gravestones that inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula in 1897.

There’s a good chance you’ll stumble on a set of the television series Heartbeat, which shoots on location here in the mazy alleyways. The fish ’n’ chips is among the UK’s best, with Hadleys offering particularly scrumptious servings. There are also trendy and stylish restaurants springing up such as Green’s, which attracts a young, arty-crafty clientele.

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