TV Crew In Town For Heartbeat

Catch a glimpse of your favourite star

TV crew in town for Heartbeat

TV crew in town for Heartbeat

Fiona Clewlew, who runs Bona Tom, said: "If you are in town on that day, it's a great chance to pop along to Skinner Street, do some interesting Christmas shopping in our wonderful selection of eclectic emporia and maybe catch a glimpse of your favourite star."

Heartbeat was first broadcast in April 1992 and since then four new young bobbies have walked the Aidensfield beat.

Cockney policeman Nick Rowan (played by Nick Berry) was first to arrive in the stunningly pretty Yorkshire village and set up home with the no-less-attractive Dr Kate Rowan (Niamh Cusack).

The series is inspired by the novels of Nicholas Rhea and, apart from being a mainstay of ITV drama, it is particularly popular in Australia, Norway and Finland

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