Scarborough Theatre Welcomes Bigger Acts

With Scarborough sitting so closely to Whitby, it opens up the variety of things to do when visiting the area. Scarborough, like Whitby, is a well-known Yorkshire seaside town with lots to see and do, ranging from seaside arcades, to eating fish and chips

Recently, however, the Open Air Theatre in Scarborough has announced that it will now be supporting some major acts and performances with names such as Status Quo, Boyzone, Jessie J and many more.

What’s the History behind the Open Air Theatre?

Built in 1932 in the middle of Northstead Manor Gardens, the Open Air Theatre is a completely outdoor theatre, with the audience being able to look at the stage from 6500 seats. Back in the 1930’s when the theatre was in its prime, many thousands came on every evening to watch numerous plays and entertainment. Unlike all other open air theatres, there is one unique property which makes the Scarborough’s theatre stand out from the rest – the front of the stage itself is in fact overlooking a lake, before it reaches the stands, making it a whole new experience. It is also the largest of its kind in Europe (since antiquity). It quickly became a part of Scarborough’s culture and in the recent years has made more and more of a profile for itself.

The location of the Open Air Theatre was chosen wisely when a group of golfers many years ago noticed the acoustics of the area. In Addition, the lake that the stage is situated upon opened up, offering plenty of activities throughout the summer months, such as pedalo boating and much more.

So what Performances will be taking place so far in 2014?

With the theatre being open only throughout the summer months, the first of many acts that you’ll be able to see will be on the 25th June.

-          Jessie J – Wednesday 5th June

-          Last Night of the Proms – Saturday 28th June

-          Status Quo – Saturday 12th July

-          Boyzone – Saturday 26th July

-          Legends of Pop – Saturday 2nd August

With such major acts performing so close by, be sure to check out Shoreline Cottages for your accomodation. Call us today on 01904 607087 or email us at

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