Visit The Illuminated Abbey This Halloween

A chance to see the amazing historic ruins shine at night

With Gothic weekends, a link to the novel Dracula and striking historic buildings it’s perhaps of little surprise that every year Halloween continues to be one of Whitby’s most exciting and thriving seasonal times. This year is certainly no exception and with plenty of activities, events and shows, designed to entertain both residents and visitors throughout the town, why not make this Halloween the perfect excuse to visit Whitby and the striking, Whitby Abbey?

A little History…

The iconic and recognisable Whitby Abbey stands proudly against the coastline and is one of North Yorkshire’s most historic monuments. Originally founded in 645 AD by the Saxons, the abbey has seen the rise and fall of many rulers, and has in-fact been reconstructed several times, after suffering attacks from the likes of Vikings hordes and Henry VIII’s followers.

Set up on the headland of the historic town, they Abbey overlooks the sea and bay, offering rewarding views for visitors who have climbed the many winding steps that take you to the abbey’s entrance.

While the abbey has been a place of sanctuary for many of Whitby’s inhabitants throughout history, it’s easy to let yourself imagine how many battles and invasions must have been whitened from the now dark windows, with the abbey’s vantage point high on the cliff top.

Perhaps the main spooky factor to the abbey comes from the common knowledge that Bram Stoker, creator of the novel “Dracula,” was in fact a habitant of Whitby for 6 years. The Abbey was an inspiration when writing the Dracula novel and is included in the story, which is of course now known the world over.

This Year’s Event

At the Illuminated Abbey event, you won’t be short of activities to do and sites to see. There are a number of tours taking place, with knowledgeable guides available to show you around the landmark and answer any questions you might have regarding the abbey, and with many of the guides wearing authentic, historic costumes there will certainly be some theatrics adding to the drama.

The abbey lights up on the 30th of October until the 2nd of November and whether you plan to admire the Abbey from afar, watching it glisten while you enjoy dinner in one of the restaurants or bars lining the bay, or want to take a closer look, it’s certainly not to be missed!

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