The Bark Endeavour Returns

Returning from Australia, Captain Cooks ship the Bark Endeavour comes home to Whitby.

After completing her voyage down under, Captain Cook’s Bark Endeavour returned to Whitby last week, just in time for the 15 year reunion. After the Bark Endeavours 18th birthday last December, Captain Ross Matson set sail on his circumnavigation around Australia, unlike Whitby’s favourite Captain Cook, who set sail Tahiti instead.

Cook set sail on the 25th of August in 1768 on his first voyage of discovery. After originally being built for a crew of 17, she set off with 94 officers, scientists and crew, as well as 2 greyhounds and of course, a milking goat. The Bark Endeavour was then later reported missing, before being sighted in 1771, sailing up the channel complete with 56 members still on board, and still the trusted goat remained.

Since her return to Whitby in 1997, the Bark Endeavour has been a much celebrated piece of Whitby heritage. The towering replica is a thing of beauty, with tourists flocking from throughout the UK to witness the tribute of the original vessel sailing the seas of east coast once again.

The Bark Endeavour represents the perfect opportunity to visit Whitby as the perfect end of summer break. Step back in history and appreciate its climbing masts, flowing sails and artistic design in this beautiful, historical port town. Enjoy the finest fish and chips that any seaside town has to offer, sprinklings of history around every corner and the stunning sights that Whitby delivers all year round.

Whilst you’re here, why not explore some more of Whitby’s sea-related history at the Captain Cook museum? Camping season is almost over, so now might be the time to pitch up and enjoy the cool sea breeze. For stunning views and homely comfort, the choice of holiday cottages in Whitby is vast, conveniently dotted throughout the beautiful town, offering quick and easy access to the most stunning and historical sites our British heritage has to offer.

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