Whitby In Winter

Frosty coastal walks, seasonally decorated cobbled streets and always a warm welcome, Whitby is a great place to spend a short break in the winter.

Although Whitby might not be the warmest of costal resorts in the winter, is can easily compete as one of the most beautiful. Whether you are keen to learn tales and discover Whitby’s influential past, or would like to enjoy fine food and a great day out, Whitby has everything you could want from ‘something to do on a rainy day’, making it the perfect venue for a short break. What makes Whitby impressive is not only its natural beauty and calmness throughout the year, but also the ability to excite and entertain people of all ages.

Step Back In Time

With such a diverse history, Whitby has something to offer every past-time enthusiast. With recorded settlements recorded back to the Saxon times, Whitby’s medieval heritage is symbolised by its Abbey, erected in 657AD. Another one of Whitby’s most prized historical assets comes in the form of a famous figure in the sailing world, Captain Cook. Delve into James Cook’s wonderful past with a stroll around the James Cook Museum, set in the house in which he lodged in as an apprentice on the harbour. This leads to Whitby’s fame in the shipping industry, with the harbour being a perfect location for trading and commerce, as well as fishing and whaling.

Whitby has also been made famous by the incredibly popular Dracula novel, written by Bram Stoker whilst he was staying in a bed and breakfast in Whitby. Explore the Dracula Trail in which many of the sites from the novel can still be seen today. For the younger reader, books such as Room 13 by Robert Swindells and Whitby Witches by Robin Jarvis make this coastal resort an exciting location for all the family to enjoy.

Fish ‘n’ Chips

When it comes to this great British dish, nowhere does it better than Whitby. In fact, one place in particular shines out above the rest – The Magpie Café. Due to it fame, you can expect massive queues in the summer, however a visit in the winter should enable you to experience this legendary meal without too much hassle. For something a little more sophisticated, Green’s of Whitby offers a prestigious menu and great quality food. Enjoy a fulfilling feast the downstairs bistro or venture to the upstairs restaurant to experience the height of Whitby’s exclusivity.

Regardless of the time of year you choose to visit, Whitby has the ability to make visitors of all ages be at ease. Choose Whitby for a short winter get away, contact us on 01904 607087 or alternatively email us reservations@shoreline-cottages.com to find out more information on availability and prices of our luxury holiday cottages in Whitby.

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