June 18th Is National Go Fishing Day!

Make the most of national fishing day and take a short break in Whitby

Whitby has a longstanding fishing heritage dating back hundreds of years. In fact Whitby’s fishing history even included Whaling which is commemorated by the large whale bone arch way on the west cliff. While you’re thankfully not likely to hook a whale anymore, there’s still plenty of fishing opportunities and for all the family too. Another added benefit is that coastal fishing doesn’t require a rod licence, although being responsible is always important. Perhaps then National Go Fishing Day is the perfect opportunity to visit Whitby and why not try one of the following types of fishing!

Perfect for the Younger Angler!

While some fishing tackle can be expensive and difficult to set up, there are some options that perfectly suit younger visitors to the coastline and of course others wanting to have fun. The first option is to simply purchase a bucket and net and go in search of shrimps, fish or crabs that can be found in the numerous rock pools along Whitby’s beach front. If you’re wanting to fish from the harbour wall why not purchase a crab line or make your own. If you looking to catch fish you’ll need to buy hooks, or buy a line that already has one attached. However, if you’re just wanting to catch a few crabs you can make your own crabbing line with a peg and long length of string. Simply attach the peg to the string and place a piece of raw bacon into the peg. Crabs don’t like to let go of their prey, so you can lift them clean from the water for closer inspection!

Fishing From The Shoreline

If you’re a keen angler why not bring your sea rod to Whitby or take the opportunity to purchase one from the local and reputable tackle and bait stores. There are several good websites that highlight useful suggestions such as recommended baits and fishing lures, not to mention impressive photographs detailing previous catches. Amongst the fish you can expect to catch from the shore are Cod and Flounder, Cod being a hugely popular fish to cook.

Take A Fishing Trip

For the more adventurous fisherman there’s a raft of boat trips available that depart from the harbour at intervals throughout the day. The real benefit of these trips is that the fishing tackle is provided for you, unless you specifically want to bring your own set up. In addition to having all the equipment, the skippers all have detailed knowledge of where to catch the best fish and can recommend bait types. If you’re looking to keep your catch they can put the fish on ice for you while you continue to fish.

Holiday Cottages Are The Perfect Accommodation

If you’re looking to make your fishing trip a short break, holiday cottages in Whitby are the perfect partner for two main reasons. If you’re looking to keep your catch our cottages have fridge/freezers ideal for keeping the fish fresh until you decide to cook them. In addition to this many fishermen find that early mornings can be the best time to fish and with a holiday cottage you can come and go as you please without disturbing other guests.

For more information on Shoreline cottages please call us on 01904 607087 or email reservations@shoreline-cottages.com

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