Rain Threatened To Dampen Pickering's Modified Car Show

Pickering modified car show is the perfect event for car lovers visiting Whitby.

Located about 30 minutes from Whitby, Pickering is a picturesque town, perhaps most famous for its fully working steam engine railway that takes commuters right to the coast. However, during the month of June the Pickering showground becomes home to car enthusiasts gathering from far and wide to host a modified car show. For those that aren’t sure exactly what a modified car show is, it’s essentially a chance for ‘petrol heads’ to get together and show off everything from engine performance upgrades through to huge in car multimedia installations. There’s also a plethora of trade stands selling all manner of car related merchandise and of course food vans on hand. This year promised to be a real treat with the show being established for over 10 years and the event organisers even planned and indoor drift display and music from a live DJ. Around 25 car clubs had confirmed that they would be appearing and Specialist Cars of Malton would be making their first Pickering show appearance. After much build up the day of the show came and as many had feared it looked like the rain had settled in.

The morning started off very overcast and it didn’t take long for a steady downpour to follow. With many of the car clubs being set up early most had to seek shelter either in their cars or under the gazebo stands of the larger clubs or trade stalls. However, it would take more than torrential rain to douse enthusiasm and being based at the Pickering show ground meant that the indoor paddock area was thankfully kept in the dry. One of the indoor events that differed from previous years was the indoor ‘show and shine’ event, where car enthusiasts could show of their flawless paint work and glass like finishes.  The main difference for 2012 was to only allow the Top 25 to be entered. This meant that only the elite would be included, again raising the already impressive competition standards. There were some car owners worried about being stuck in the mud and they left a little earlier than planned, heading in to Pickering. This did give the locals and day trip visitors an additional treat as a steady stream of impressive looking cars could be seen passing through the town. Eventually the rain ceased in the afternoon, just long enough for the sun to peep through the clouds leaving the show on a high.

If you’re looking to visit next year’s event why not take the opportunity to enjoy a short break in Whitby and visit the local coastline as well. There’s plenty to see and do in the local areas and with many of our holiday cottages featuring onsite parking your beloved automobile will never be too far from sight.

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