Enjoy The Jubilee Weekend, Viking Style

Why not enjoy the Jubilee weekend in Whitby and attend the Viking performances at Whitby Abbey?

With the recent warm weather and approaching Jubilee weakened many people are making their way to Whitby for either short breaks or day trips. As you’d expect, many of the shops, cafés and pubs are to be adorned in celebratory bunting and Union flag decorations. Over the weekend expect to see visitors and locals wearing union jack clothing to pay tribute to the Queens Jubilee in their own, individual way. However, many of us want to pay tribute to the Queen’s Jubilee whilst at the same time doing something a little bit different. One such solution is to visit Whitby Abbey where you’ll see a very different form of celebration taking place.

For the whole Jubilee weekend, Whitby Abbey invites you to step back in time, as they will be hosting a Viking inspired celebration. The event is set during the 9th century, which the historians amongst us will realise is a long time before the monarchy as we know it was established. In fact the exact year is 866 and the story focuses around a local Princess who was to marry her beloved, in the grounds of the ruined Abbey. Much as it is today, Whitby Abbey was in fact a ruin even in 866, although at that time the Abbey was made from timber. The Abbey lay in splintered ruins after being sacked by one of the many Viking hordes, who were no strangers to the Whitby coastline. Choosing to defy reports of an imminent Viking invasion, local Nobles met at the ruin to perform the marriage and enjoy the traditional and long used setting. However, during the ceremony, Viking long ships where once again spotted coming ashore and a fierce, bloody battle ensued…

During the whole Jubilee weekend actors dressed in authentic Viking clothing will be re-enacting the story in the Abbey grounds, which climaxes around 3pm when the Viking horde will ride up on horseback. If you’re visiting Whitby for the whole weekend why not wait until the Bank Holiday Monday when the Abbey will be opening again at 19:30 for a special dusk showing. The evening showing will see Vikings adorned in armour approaching the abbey ruins, swords drawn bashing their hilts against the huge wooden shields.

Ticket prices range from £6 per adult and £4 for children, additional concessions are available along with advance booking, which is recommended. If you’re planning a short break in Whitby then contact us now on 01904 607087 or email reservations@shoreline-cottages.com to find out more information regarding our holiday cottage availability.

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