May Whitby Goth Weekend

A superb weekend for everyone, Whitby has a long relationship with all things Gothic continues to draw new and returning visitors in from around the country.

Every year, Whitby plays host to several Goth weekend events, where Goths, punks, pirates, and heavy metal enthusiast’s to name but a few, visit the town to enjoy short breaks in Whitby with likeminded people. While the event is called the Goth weekend, it’s also an opportunity for both friends new and old to come together and enjoy the shops, restaurants and bars, whilst showing off their elaborate and interesting costumes. In fact, Whitby has long had an affiliation with the Goth movement, due to both the relationship with the novel Dracula and its long folklore heritage. Even Whitby’s precious Jet is black in colour making it the ideal accompaniment for many of the outfits, which are often dark purples and greens. Another reason to attend the event is the wealth of live music that it brings, with bands well known in the alternative music scene often choosing it to play above other events; the Whitby Pavilion brought alive with sound. Long standing relationships with Whitby holiday cottages, B&B’s and hotels, mean that accommodation in the town soon becomes fully booked.

It’ll Take More Than Rain To Dampen Our Spirits

The May Goth Weekend has traditionally been very popular due to the seasonal warm May weather, sunny coastline and clear, starry evenings. This often makes it the ideal time to be hosting outside music events, gathering in front of pubs and enjoying wearing decorative, gothic costumes. However, as many of us are only too aware, much of May this year has had less than desirable weather conditions. With Whitby being relentlessly pounded by wind and rain, many of the weekend’s guests had to seek shelter, as to not ruin their outfits. This also had a knock on effect for media coverage, as cameras and other technology based items don’t often mix well with water.  In particular the music events where less popular, with many taking the decision to stay inside, deciding that the cold wind and relentless rain was just too much to endure.

Good For Business

Although the adverse weather may have put pay to strolls along the beach and sitting outside bars, it actually came as a mixed blessing. Many people attending the weekend reported to enjoy the more focused meetings in the pubs, sparked by a need to avoid the rain. This also meant pub and bar landlords have reported that business was better than expected. Although single day visitors may have been put off, the hotels and holiday cottages where still full, the later providing a great base for groups wanting to enjoy a quite evenings dinner together. Local shops also provided welcome shelter and enjoyed a rise in custom.

With another superb weekend under its belt, the Whitby Goth festival shows that it’ll take more than wind and rain to ruin a weekend’s fun. In addition to the fun and games, participants also raised more than £1,000 for several charitable causes. For more information regarding the Whitby Goth event or for booking Whitby, holiday cottages, please call Shoreline Cottages on 01904 607087 or email

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