Making Whitby Holiday Cottages Your Home Away From Home

The comforts of home, combined with luxury furnishings and environment make Shoreline cottages perfect for your next short break in Whitby.

With online holiday providers and the wealth of high street chains offering last minute deals, knowing where to go on your next vacation is perhaps more difficult now than ever before. It can be all too easy to be swept up in the moment, a customer service representative overloading you with glossy brochures, tapping frantically into a computer and seemingly finding fantastic deal after brilliant deal. Before you know it you’re at the airport and then onto a plane heading to an all-inclusive resort, somewhere on the Spanish coastline, to a destination you’ve never heard of and never thought you wanted to visit. It’s perhaps only on arrival that reality hits home. The resort looking more like a converted military compound than a 5 star Mediterranean hotel, the all you can eat buffet looking like it’s been ransacked by a herd of marauding goats and a bar area that appears to be serving a locally brewed moonshine. Whilst the above situation is perhaps exaggerated, many of us have endured long delays at airports waiting for coach connections to the resort and dragging round heavy suitcases, only to be disappointed.

A Home Away From Home

While holidaying in the UK might not be for everyone, consider the benefit of visiting somewhere that doesn’t require a long flight or airport delays, because someone’s tried to bring a nail file on board. Perhaps the previous sentence sums up the title of this very article. Going on holiday shouldn’t be about rules and regulations. Having someone tell you how much luggage you can bring, what you can and can’t eat and staying in accommodation for fear of being set upon by market sellers if you leave the compound’s perimeter.

Visiting Whitby

Whitby has a wealth of attractions to see, visit and enjoy, ranging from the historic abbey and whale bone arch to the modern day bars and amusements, that line part of the picturesque shoreline.  Certainly finding the right accommodation is paramount and Whitby holiday cottages continue to provide the freedom and luxury surroundings required for you to truly enjoy your UK holiday.

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