The Whitby Holiday Cottages Family Nature Trail

A fun Whitby nature trail for you and your family to enjoy!

family members of all ages. There’s a great night scene with bars and clubs that stay open late, a huge selection of restaurants for couples wanting a romantic night out and for those wanting a romantic night in our holiday cottages provide the perfect base. With the huge amount of daytime activities on offer though, it’s a superb place for younger families in particular to enjoy spending quality time together.  For families living in towns and cities it can be exciting to be walking across the sand or paddling in the shallow waters of the sea, taking in the foreign sights and smells. One such way of enjoying a walk across the beach is to turn it into a nature trail. By doing this you’re also helping your kids take their mind of the prospect of a long walk! Here then is the Shoreline Cottages’ beginner’s nature trail, comprising of three items commonly found on the beaches in and around Whitby.

1. Easy to find!

One of the first things you’ll notice when arriving in Whitby is the sound of seagulls. Seagulls can be seen swooping into the sea looking for shrimps and fish to feed on or foraging for broken shellfish on the beach. The first thing to find then is a seagull’s white and grey feather!

2. A bit more difficult

Walking along the beach front you’ll notice that as you get closer to the sea the number of seashells starts to increase. Many of the shells are splintered and broken, either cracked open by sea birds or broken against the rocks. Among the shells you’ll notice lots of winkle shells, cockle shells and mussels. Finding a single black or blue-ish mussel shell isn’t so difficult, but why not see if you can find both halves of a mussel shell still attached together?

3. The Toughest Item

The third item on this list is certainly the hardest. The challenge is to find a fossil. Whitby’s beach is famous for its large numbers of fossils that have broken loose from the surrounding cliffs or washed in from the sea. They come in a variety of sizes, but are commonly found in rocks at around a 2 pence piece size. If you find one look after it as it’s been around for millions of years.

If you’d like to find out more information regarding the activities in and around Whitby, please call Shoreline Cottages on 01904 607087 or email

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