3 Recommended Items To Bring When Staying At Holiday Cottages In Whitby

This article suggests useful items to bring with you when staying at holiday cottages in Whitby.

Every year Whitby welcomes a host of holidaymakers to the town, all keen to explore the exciting coastal sights and sounds. One of the most popular forms of accommodation is holiday cottages in Whitby. A holiday cottage tends to give holidaymakers much more flexibility compared to hotels and bed and breakfasts, and elements such as being able to bring pets makes them all the more convenient. Being prepared can make all the difference when visiting Whitby, and packing the car with the right kit can mean you enjoy your stay even more. So here’s 3 items that no holidaymaker should be without.

Be Prepared For The Weather

England is famed for its ever changing weather and Whitby is no different. While one minute the sun can be shining and the sky a deep blue, clouds could soon roll in and a sea squall settle overhead, bringing with it a downpour. The key to this is preparation and having the right clothing to hand is important, should the weather conditions change for the worst.

Comfort Is The Key

Whitby town stretches across the harbour and if you’re planning to take in all the sites it could lead to a great deal of walking. The famous abbey itself perches high up on a hillside overlooking the bay and the famous walk up the steps can be quite a challenge, especially on a warm or windy day. Getting the right footwear can make taking in all that Whitby has to offer much more enjoyable. Consider the changing environments such as walking across the sand or walking up a rocky hillside. Make sure you have spare shoes at the holiday cottage as well, in case you should have an unexpected paddle in the sea!

Are we going the right way?

Holiday cottages in Whitby are a great base to explore the town and surrounding area, and there certainly isn’t a lack of things to do or see. Whether you decide to walk the many steps up to the abbey or walk through the town and up to Captain Cook’s statue and the giant Whale bones, trying to fit everything into a weekend can be a challenge. There are a multitude of excellent guide books available that suggest the best things to see and do and some even extend to recommending restaurants and cafes. If you don’t want to bring a book, the internet has many websites that again suggest the best places to visit and many holiday cottages in Whitby feature Wi-Fi.

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