Getting The Most From Your Whitby Cottages Short Breaks

Some useful advice regarding a selection of great places to visit whilst on your Whitby cottages short breaks.

Getting The Most From Your Whitby Cottages Short Breaks

The number of holidaymakers enjoying Whitby cottages short breaks continues to increase and this is in part due to the quality of the cottages available, the wealth of activities to partake in and the sights and sounds to take in whilst on your stay. It can be all too easy to miss out on some of the places of interest or guided tours that Whitby offers, due to simply having limited time available during your stay. Here is a look then at some of the attractions Whitby has to offer and that you should consider making time for whilst on Whitby cottages short breaks.

Whitby’s World Famous Fish And Chips

Perhaps an obvious activity to choose is taking time to enjoy some of the seafood that Whitby has to offer. There is an abundance of fantastic fish and chip restaurants and outlets that stretch around the coast and all serving up freshly caught local fish. You really couldn’t say you’d been on Whitby cottages short breaks without sampling some. Another popular fish caught locally is the kipper and Whitby is home to Fortunes Kippers, one of the oldest Smoked Kipper outlets in the UK. Although smoked kippers might not be for everyone, you should still pop by the shop and take in the smell of the kippers being carefully wood smoked.

Ghosts, Ghouls and Vampires

Whitby is the home of Bram Stoker’s famous novel Dracula and you can’t help but visualise passages from the book as you make your way through the winding cobbled streets up to the famous abbey steps, with the dark shape of the abbey looming above you, keeping a careful watch over the harbour mouth. Whitby offers many ghost tours and its historic past plays the perfect stage for a fun and scary tour. The ghost tours are great fun for the whole family, although better in the winter for younger members as they start a little earlier. You could also choose the popular Dracula experience, which is right on the harbour side.

Inspiration For The Budding Explorer

Captain Cook famously trained as a Sailor during his time in Whitby, becoming an apprentice in the merchant Navy. It was in Whitby where he learnt the skills required to become an explorer and later to command a vessel in the Royal Navy.  There is a museum dedicated to James Cook and a monument fittingly up near the crossed Whale bones that overlook Whitby’s harbour.

Whatever activities you choose to enjoy whilst on your Whitby cottages short breaks, you’re sure to enjoy the luxury cottages available and the fantastic Whitby atmosphere. Please call Shoreline Cottages for more information Call 01904 607087 or email

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