Man's Best Friend Can Accompany You To Holiday Cottages In Whitby

If you want to take your dog on holiday with you, then holiday cottages in Whitby are perfect for you. Here's why taking the dog is a great idea when you're on a domestic holiday.

One of the best things about holidaying in the UK, is you can take your dog along with you. Obviously, you can take your dog abroad with you, but this can be quite a lot of hassle and the flight can be quite traumatising for the animal.

Usually then, when we holidays abroad, we have to ship our dog out to our friends, or worse still, a kennel. No one likes to leave a member of the family alone for a few days or weeks, especially not the dog.

If you’re one of these people, then you will be delighted to learn that several of Shoreline holiday cottages in Whitby are dog-friendly. This means you’re more than welcome to bring your furry friend along.

Things to do with your dog

Whitby is a great place to be with your dog, there’s a plethora of suitable activities for you and your canine friend. Taking your dog out with you can sometimes be difficult, as many canine owners will already know.

Many will enjoy taking their dog for a walk along Whitby’s famous coastline and beaches. Your dog can have a paddle in the sea, whilst you enjoy some of Whitby’s world renowned fish and chips.

There are also plenty of days out you can have with your dog on the Yorkshire coast. A very popular choice is Whitby Abbey (although your dog must be kept on a  lead and is only allowed in restricted areas).
If you’ve travelled in a car, you may want to venture further afield.

Bridlington and Filey are other popular choices for those holidaying with their dog in North Yorkshire. There’s a stone’s throw away from Whitby and are a great alternative if you’ve exhausted all that Whitby has to offer.

If you are looking for a great holiday that includes your beloved dog, then now is the time to consider holiday cottages in Whitby. Take a look at the wide range of properties that sleep 2 to 9 people and take advantage of great rate, all year ‘round.  Call 01904 607087 or email

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