Why Holiday Cottages In Whitby Are Ideal For A Family Holiday

Why Holiday cottages In Whitby are a popular choice for families

Every year parents look at different holiday locations for their family and can find that they have problems finding a suitable location. Many parents decide that they don’t want to fly as the long distance can be uncomfortable for children and their ears are more sensitive to the changing in pressure during landing and take-off. This limits there options to the channel tunnel or ferry crossings into Europe and long distances commuting in the car can be difficult.

This then means that a lot of parents decide that they would like to holiday at one of the UK’s coastal towns and Whitby is one of the most popular, due to its wealth of history and variety of tourist attractions. After looking at the different types of accommodation available it seems holiday cottages in Whitby are very popular with families and I decided to find out the reasons why.

Great variety of locations

Holiday cottages in Whitby can be booked in a wide variety of locations. Unlike most of the hotels which seem to be in the main town or on the seafront. Holiday cottages can be booked in surrounding villages, set back away from the main beach or indeed right on the beach.

Bedrooms all under one roof

In the past many parents have decided to book a hotel but soon found it not to be ideal. The problem with a hotel is that should you have 2 children they might need to have their own hotel room, meaning that you won’t be able to kelp any eye on them and make sure they’re safe. By that same token if they are young children they may wake up in the night and feel disorientated or scared. Holiday cottages in Whitby can be booked with a variety of room’s available meaning that your children can be safe in the next room and checked on without having to walk across a public hallway. It also gives you the peace of mind to put the children to bed early giving you time to relax in the lounge with a glass of wine and a film.

Garden and children’s play areas

Many hotels don’t have a garden or play area and the ones with swimming pools aren’t always children friendly and more geared towards their adult guests. Holiday cottages in Whitby often have a garden area available so your children can play outside giving their parents some much deserved rest.

Every family is different but holiday cottages in Whitby certainly seem to be ticking the boxes giving you a good blend of a family fun packed weekend mixed with a relaxing holiday break.

For your next family holiday to Whitby make Shoreline Cottages your first choice for booking holiday cottages in Whitby. For more information please call us on 01904 207789 or alternatively email us at reservations@shoreline-cottages.com

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