Whitby Holiday Cottages - Catching And Cooking Your Catch

Staying in a Whitby holiday cottage for your next fishing holiday

Every year keen sea fisherman and anglers travel to Whitby and the surrounding areas to do a week’s holidaying combined with their favourite sport. Some of the anglers decide to stay at camp sites in either tents or caravans and others stay in hotels and hostels. Many of the anglers like to keep and cook what they catch though and being able to cook in a hotel, hostel, tent or caravan can be difficult, which prompted me to look at another option available to them, Whitby holiday cottages. Holiday cottages seem like a great solution so I’ve looked into the areas that make them the perfect accommodation choice for an angler.

The Location

Whitby is a great place to catch some delicious edible fish like Sea Trout, Cod, Monk Fish and Halibut. A walk down the beach and you can also find a wealth of edible shellfish. Once you’ve caught your catch (or cheated by visiting the Whitby fish market) you will want to be staying in a location that is close by. Whitby holiday cottages are available in a wide variety of locations including by the beach for easy access to and from your cottage when carrying your fishing gear and your catch.

Cooking Facilities

A lot of fishermen like to cook the fish that they have caught during the day. This can be a problem depending on the accommodation their staying in.  Most hotel rooms don’t feature a kitchen these days and they expect their guests to eat in the hotel or local restaurants. Camping has a similar issue where by only the very large tents allow you to cook inside and this is still dangerous, otherwise you have to cook outside in all weather conditions. Caravans offer a compromise, although again the space in the kitchen area is normally very limited and the smell of cooked fish can be over powering. Whitby holiday cottages are available with large modern kitchens and refrigerators making cooking and storing your catch straight forward, if the weather is good, you could always BBQ outside if your cottage has a garden area.

It seems the best accommodation available for anglers wanting a hassle free fishing holiday are Whitby holiday cottages. Being equipped with modern cooking facilities, storage and great locations makes them a very hard choice to beat. Of course the other advantage is that because the cottages are family friendly you can bring your family with you and then everyone’s happy.

Shoreline Cottages – Whitby Holiday Cottages

If you’re considering a holiday to Whitby and looking to stay in one of the  Whitby holiday cottages then Shoreline Cottages should be your first choice. For more information please call us now on 01904 607 087 or alternatively email us at reservations@shoreline-cottages.com

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