Five Must See Attractions When Staying In Holiday Cottages In Whitby

Those booking holiday cottages in Whitby are provided with a base to visit many places of interest and beauty. Here we look at our favourite 5 Whitby based tourist attractions.

The number of holiday makers seeking to book holiday cottages in Whitby has increased over recent years in keeping with the attempt of many Brits to save money and stay loyal to their country’s economy.  More and more people are realising that you don’t need to go abroad to have a great holiday and Whitby is a fine place to dine, relax and even learn.  Here we look at five of our favourite attractions that should have you looking at holiday cottages in Whitby.  

Whitby Abbey

Situated on the East Cliff, this 7th Century Benedictine Abbey dominates the landscape of Whitby during the day and the night; thanks to a brilliant lighting arrangement.  The unique interactive visitors centre provides information on the lives of the monks that once inhabited the Abbey through digital reconstructions that perfectly compliment the audio tour.  

Captain Cook Memorial Museum

This museum that is dedicated to the famous explorer, navigator and cartographer, is situated in the 17th Century house which the young James Cook served his merchant navy apprenticeship.  The museum includes a look into the surroundings in which Cook lived, a model of one of his ships and also original letters written by the seaman; all providing a unique insight into his early life that lead to epic voyages of discovery.  

Whale Bone Arch

The original whale bone arch dating from 1853 that stood on the West Cliff to commemorate Whitby’s once large whaling industry is now preserved in Whitby Archives Heritage Centre.  However, visitors are able to walk through the replacement bones that were provided by Alaska in 2003.  Not only do the bones provide an idea as to the size of these huge mammals; it also a great spot to enjoy breathtaking views of the coastline.  

RNLI Lifeboat Museum

The museum is based at what used to be the double boathouse of the RNLI and which was built in 1895.  Used until 1957, the building now houses an abundance of lifeboat related items such as medals, paintings, models and even pieces from famous rescues.  The site is a really informative way of learning about the history of the RNLI and appreciating what an amazing job they continue to do in saving lives at sea.  

Whitby Harbour

The final attraction that anyone staying in holiday cottages in Whitby must see is the harbour.  The old and new come together in the harbour as modern trawlers and pleasure crafts mix in with traditional fishing cobles.  There are numerous excursions available which offer the opportunity to do some sea fishing or explore the views of the coast by boat.  Anyone who has children along with them can pick up a line and some bait and do a spot of crab fishing!

Whitby really is a fantastic place to visit for people of all ages; whether they are looking for a romantic break or a relaxing family holiday.  So if you are looking for quality holiday cottages in Whitby, look no further than Shoreline Cottages.  With over 25 of the finest cottages in the area, we are certain to have the right property to satisfy your holidaying needs.  For more information on our available properties give us a call on 01904 607 087 or email

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