Considering Holiday Cottages In Whitby For A Truly Gothic Weekend

If you are looking for something a little different in your seaside holiday, then considering holiday cottages in Whitby can provide you with a taste of the Gothic life.

Many people that stay in holiday cottages in Whitby do so to soak up the relaxing atmosphere of the traditional seaside resort.  The town offers a great base for those looking to take a few walks in the beautiful surrounding countryside and enjoy the fresh local seafood.  But twice a year in late-autumn and mid-spring the town is flooded by those with slightly different tastes who are looking for a truly gothic experience.  

Whitby Gothic Weekend

The now famous Whitby Gothic Weekend is a gothic themed festival that takes place twice a year and is organised by Jo Hampshire.  The event sees various singers and groups perform, usually at Whitby Spa Pavilion.  However there are also other venues that are used for spill-out events, such as The Coliseum and Victoria Place.  

Origins of the event

The beginnings of the Whitby Gothic Weekend can be traced back to 1994, when forty pen-pals that had met through NME magazine arranged a meeting.  Whitby was chosen as the meeting location due to its connections with Dracula.  The festival has grown yearly since its inception and now attracts thousands from across the UK as well as some world-wide visitors; which means there can be some serious competition for holiday cottages in Whitby when the festival is on.  

A buzz in the town

During the build up and just after the festival there is a real buzz of excitement and many events take place on the Thursday, Friday and Monday in addition to the weekend days.  These events usually include themed club nights, gothic markets and a charity football match between the Whitby Gazette and a team of Goths.  

Booking early

Holiday cottages in Whitby tend to fill up quickly as the festival approaches; so it makes great sense to book early.  At Shoreline Cottages we have over 25 of the highest quality holiday cottages in Whitby that you could ever wish to stay in.  For more information on our vast range of properties call us today on 01904 607 087 or email

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