Tips For Staying In Holiday Cottages In Whitby With Your Pets

If you're thinking about taking your pet on holiday with you this year, consider a stay in holiday cottages in Whitby and read these tips before you book!

Many families are becoming increasingly reluctant to go on holiday without their pets, as they appreciate that the stress and trauma they would have to put the animals through by sending them to kennels for a week or two is pretty much out of the question. If you’re desperate for a holiday this year but don’t want to leave your pet behind, consider a stay in holiday cottages in Whitby where you get the best of both worlds.

In general, you will find that most holiday cottage Whitby providers have a selection of cottages that allow pets to stay and those that don’t. That makes it easier for people that may have pet allergies or suchlike to know that they can choose a holiday cottage which is pet-free. However, the realisation that more people want to take their pets on holiday with them means that owners of holiday cottages in Whitby need to make their properties more accessible for such demands. Here are some tips for those thinking about taking their pets with them to holiday cottages in Whitby:

Don’t forget the essentials

It’s easy to remember the dog, but have you packed the extras like the dog bowl, enough food for the duration of your Whitby stay, plus toys to keep the pet entertained when you just want to relax outside in the sunshine? They say it’s like taking another child with you when you take your pet on holiday, and to be fair, it genuinely is.

Keep a close eye on your pet

When you’re strolling on the Whitby beach and your pet is scampering around close by, make sure you keep an eye on it. Pets can get up to all sorts and they may be in your line of vision one minute and gone the next, so it’s important you keep a close eye on them.

Think about your holiday cottage location

Too often, people get carried away with the holiday cottage in Whitby they are staying in, but the location is important too. Whitby is a beautiful place, but think carefully about whether your cottage of choice is pet-friendly. Is it on a main road? Does it have a garden? These are all things worth checking before you book your holiday cottages in Whitby stay.

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