How To Spend A Night-In In Whitby Holiday Cottages

Enjoy a quiet night relaxing in one of Shoreline's Whitby holiday cottages.

Once you have rented Whitby holiday cottages, chances are you will be jam-packing your days with activities and site-seeing – especially if you’ve got the kids with you. The activities you can get up to in Whitby are endless: from surfing to crazy golf, you will never struggle to find something to do.
Ultimately though, all these activities will take their toll and by the end of the day, you will be absolutely shattered. Here’s how you can spend the perfect night-in in your Whitby holiday cottages.

1. Fish ‘n’ Chips

Most will already be aware of Whitby’s reputation for providing stellar fish ‘n’ chips. The town prides itself on this world famous dish. The fish are sourced straight from the ocean that you may have been swimming in that day and the chips are hand-carved from locally farmed potatoes.

Why not head down to the nearest fish and chip shop and bring enough back for the whole family to eat in the kitchen of your Whitby holiday cottages. It’s not often that you will get to eat fish and chips that are this good.

2. Rent a Movie

Once you’ve stuffed yourself full of fish and chips, there’s no better way to let it settle than in front of a good movie. There are plenty of places to rent films from in Whitby, all with a great selection. Whether you are after the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or a family classic, it’ll help you unwind after your long day out and about.

3. Grab an Early Night

Last but not least, you should round off your night-in in Whitby holiday cottages with a nice early bedtime. After your long day of activities you won’t have much trouble dozing off, thus catching those essential ZZZ's, all ready for another action packed day in this pleasant North Yorkshire town.

Alternatively, you may just want to pack the kids off to bed early, whilst you take in the fresh sea air with a nice glass of your favourite wine.

If this sounds like the perfect way to spend a night in Whitby holiday cottages, then contact Shoreline Cottages. Shoreline has everything from cute and quaint holiday cottages, right through to contemporary holiday cottages. You can reach us by telephone on 01904 207789, or by email at  

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