Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) UPDATE 17 March 2020

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) UPDATE 17 March 2020

In this unprecedented global crisis, things are moving quickly as a result of both UK and overseas policy announcements making it difficult for those of you with a holiday booking to take a decision of what to do.

Whitby and our properties

At the present time, we are unaware of any school closures in Whitby and yesterday evening, we took a look around the town and it looks like restaurants, cafes and pubs still remain open. Supermarkets and shops are also seemingly well stocked but for the usual lack of toilet paper.

All our properties remain in full use and we can say that we have had no report of any past guest leaving to find themselves having the virus. Nevertheless, we are intensifying our cleaning and in particular, we are ensuring that all hard surfaces are disinfected and not just dusted.

Travel Insurance

Shoreline Cottages has always maintained a strong position in recommending travel insurance at every point of contact with guests starting with our booking confirmations but we are aware that many do not choose this option for UK holidays. This has now left these guests vulnerable to loss. You should check with your credit/debit card provider who may automatically have provided travel insurance without your knowledge.

Cancellation Policy

Our property owners do have their own mortgages and operating costs whether or not guests are staying, and this has meant that our cancellation policy has always been representative of this fact. Also, reselling an entire holiday close to its start date is in most cases impossible and at best, would normally have to be heavily discounted, creating losses for the owner through no fault of their own.

Our cancellation policy can be found in our Terms and Conditions clauses 8 and 9 on our web site or by clicking on the link in your Booking Confirmation.

Options for guests with no insurance cover

For those without insurance we do want to help but have to consider the owner, our own business and the guest in these very difficult and financially stressful times for the travel sector.

During this crisis, we are offering three options for existing guests with holidays due to take place before the end of May 2020:

1. A deferral of your holiday to the same date in 2021 for an administration cost of £150. No further changes can be made to the holiday after this change.

2. Cancellation for 30% of the holiday value, with the remaining 70% being kept as a credit against a future holiday with Shoreline but in a property and at a time of your choice in the 12 months following your decision. If not used within 12 months, the 70% credit will be lost.

3. Cancellation under our standard terms and conditions which will involve a full loss of your payments made unless we are able to resell your holiday. You will still remain responsible for any outstanding balance due which must be paid on time. Resale of your holiday seems unlikely at this stage of the health crisis.

In both the above options 1 & 2, the holiday must be paid for in full prior to the change being accepted.

Thinking of booking a holiday with us?

Bookings made for holidays within the next 8 weeks (as of 17 March 2020) – we will refund 75% of the holiday value if the country is “locked down” in the same manner as Italy and you therefore cannot legally travel. Other than this circumstance, standard cancellation terms will be used.

Bookings more for holidays more than 8 weeks ahead – our cancellation policy as shown above will remain in place.


David Haycox

Managing Director

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