Do you have any dog-friendly properties?

We have a great collection of dog-friendly holiday cottages. It is indicated in the ‘facilities’ section of each property description if pets are accepted and the maximum number allowed. Pets are only accepted on the understanding that they are kept under control and are never left unattended.  Please note that, even if a property has a garden, it may not be escape-proof so we recommend you don’t leave your pet in the garden unattended.  It is also worthwhile mentioning that many beaches now ban dogs (apart from guide dogs) during the summer months. Please click here for information on dog-friendly beaches in Whitby and the seasonal restrictions.

PLEASE NOTE: if your pets are used to going on the bed or sofas, please bring your own suitable covers.

We must be made aware of all pets accompanying you.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone arriving with more pets than booked and paid for.


If you have a question and would like to speak with us please call us on 01947 668 888, email us at or send us a message via Live Chat.