Do I need to clean the holiday cottage before I leave?

COVID-19 Special Arrangements

We have implemented some changes that will help further reduce the risk of spreading the virus. We are therefore asking guests to:

  • Please ensure that all crockery, cutlery etc. that has been used is run through the dishwasher prior to your departure. If there is no dishwasher in your property, we would ask you to wash everything well.
  • Please put all waste (including recycling) into the bin outside the property prior to leaving. All waste goes to the local ‘waste to energy plant’.
  • We would ask if you would be kind enough to strip the beds and place all the sheets and towels into the special laundry sacks that will be left in the property for you. These special sacks ‘melt’ in our laundry and avoid the need for our team to handle laundry during these risky times. There is a red sack specifically for soiled items. We ask you to separate these please.
  • Please move all furniture and items back to their original location.
  • Check all windows and doors are shut and secure/locked.
  • If you leave any items in the property and require them to be sent back to you, we ask for your patience since we will only be taking items to the Post Office once a fortnight.


If you have a question and would like to speak with us please call us on 01947 668 888, email us at or send us a message via Live Chat.