Whitby Abbey - From the Pier

COVID-19 Question: I want to book a holiday with you but I want the reassurance that we will be allowed to move or cancel our holiday if we are unable to travel

We are very grateful to anyone booking one of our holiday cottages. This helps our owners and Shoreline plan ahead with more confidence. Tourism is the lifeblood of Whitby and we really need your support to maintain this thriving sector and the livelihoods of such a large proportion of its population.

If you have made a booking with us and we are placed in a national lock down or put in a tier group that means we have to close our properties and therefore cannot provide you with your holiday, we would:

  1. Ask you to consider moving your holiday to a future date. We will not charge a fee to do this but if there is an increase in tariff, this will be need to be paid when the amendment is made.
  2. Ask you to consider a credit note for the full holiday value minus the booking fee. This will be valid for 2 years and can be used to book any of our holiday cottages at any time of year.
  3. We do understand that the 2 above options are not always possible. If you would prefer to cancel your booking we will refund your payment(s) minus the booking fee.

We are not able to cancel or postpone any holidays if our business is open and our properties are available to book. We do understand that you may have vulnerable or elderly guests in your party who wish not to travel. We see this as an insurance matter, and you should therefore contact your travel insurance provider to make a claim. Any guest that does not have suitable insurance and wishes to cancel must refer to our standard cancellation terms and conditions (clauses 8 & 9) that can be found on our website. Please be reminded that you will need to pay any remaining balances even if you wish to cancel.