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Whitby - a place for all seasons


A long established fishing village, where red tiled rooftops tumble pell-mell down the steep sides of the Esk estuary to the pretty harbour below. Still a place of work, fishing boats pepper the harbour, waiting to deliver their hauls to the quayside. Whitby has escaped the mainstream, benefiting from its secluded geography, squeezed as it is between the sea and the North York Moors National Park. As a result, this unspoilt town has guarded its identity and maintained its historic charm.

Explore Whitby and you’ll become immersed in a maze of narrow cobbled streets, winding alleyways, stone steps and intriguing passageways lined with homes and Whitby holiday cottages. Old fashioned shop signs swing in the sea breeze, traders compete with the cries of seagulls to shout their prices in the open-air market and gourmet food stores nestle in amongst art and crafts shops selling original works of refreshing quality.

Click the following link to see some 360 degree tours of Whitby, Ruswarp and Sandsend: Whitby 360 Degree Views

The unique architecture has always ensured that Whitby is a magnet for artists. Indeed, the town boasts several fine art galleries. Don’t miss the collection of works from the celebrated ‘Staithes Group’ in the Pannett Gallery.

Wandering along streets with evocative names such as Flowergate and Arguments Yard, you will be struck by one of Whitby’s great paradoxes: although the town is insulated from much of Britain, it displays influences from the four corners of the world - a reminder of its great maritime past.
As you're about to discover, the Whitby area has plenty to offer all ages and is a wonderful location for a family get-together throughout the year.  Just let us know what you have in mind and we'll do our very best to help.

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