Whitby Holiday Cottages - A Great Base To Explore The Coastal Wildlife

Whitby holiday cottages provide great access to Whitby's beautiful coastline and a rich and varied collection of indigenous wildlife.

When going on holiday to explore the local wildlife it’s important to stay in the right location to make seeing everything as easy as possible. Whitby holiday cottages provide a great solution as they can be booked in locations close to beaches and well within walking distance to the sea. Here’s a look at some of the types of animals and wildlife that you may expect to encounter.

Bird Watching

The North York Moors National Park is easily accessible from Whitby and there are plenty of Whitby Holiday Cottages to choose from in the area. If you book one of the Whitby holiday cottages close to the national park you could expect to see some interesting wildlife in your own back garden. The types of bird life you might expect to see include Honey Buzzards, Red Grouse and Marlin to name but a few. There are some spectacular cliffs to visit as well that act as a nesting area for many of the sea birds.


Seals are common in Whitby and can often be seen swimming in the harbour. There are Whitby holiday cottages with views of the sea and there is a good chance you could see seals sun bathing on visible rocks. Whitby holiday cottages located further inland might not get a view of the ocean but you’re still only a short trip away from the harbour where sea life boat trips can be booked.

Rock Pooling

Whitby has a good blend of both sand and rocky beaches, the latter being covered in sea life rich rock pools.  If you decide to go rock pooling be sure to go when the tide has gone out, so that the pools are revealed and full of fresh sea life. You might also want to take a bucket and net with you, so that you can examine your nature finds up close, although always remember to put the sea life safely back. You can expect to find Starfish, crabs, shrimps and fish, as well as colourful seaweeds and shells. Whitby holiday cottages can be booked close to the beach so walking distance won’t be far.
When visiting a new place with the view of exploring it’s key to have a good central accommodation booked, to ensure you see as much as possible whilst on your holiday. Whitby holiday cottages look to offer the best solution due to their varied locations.

Shoreline Cottages - Whitby Holiday Cottages

If a wildlife holiday sounds like it’s for you and you’re considering Whitby Holiday Cottages then Shoreline Cottages should be your first port of call. Shoreline Cottages have an excellent selection of luxury holiday cottages to suit all tastes. Please call us for more information on 01904 207789 or email us at reservations@shoreline-cottages.com